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Portraits of Artists at Work

An on-going project to capture portraits of artists in the act of creating.

Select a photo to see a gallery of images of that artist.

Looking for Artists!

If you'd like to participate in this project, you can find details here: 


2022-02-06 Kiyomi Koide 379b border.jpg

Kiyomi Koide

2022-01-22 Margaret Norman 579b border.jpg

Margaret Norman

2022-01-08 Guillermo 0412b border.jpg

Guillermo Navarrete Davis

2022-01-15 Rachel 542g border.jpg

Rachel Davis

2022-02-12 Diane Goldstein 088a border.jpg

Diane Goldstein

2022-05-21 Kevin Balcora 410b border1.jpg

Kevin Balcora

2022-02-13 Pamela Zimmerman 403b border.jpg

Pamela Zimmerman

2022-03-26 Lucia Briggs 180b.jpg

Lucia Briggs

2022-05-07 Tara Esperanza 324a1.jpg

Tara Esperanza

2022-05-11 Paige Tashner 102b border1.jpg

Paige Tashner

2022-02-12 Helen Cohen 0992a border.jpg

Helen Cohen

2022-04-16 Azar Vaghefi 121a.jpg

Azar Vaghefi

2022-03-12 Pope Valley Anagama 074a border.jpg

Pope Valley Anagama

2022-05-13 Ari Takata-Vasquez 076a border1.jpg

Ari Takata-Vasquez

2022-01-23 Christine So 0519a.jpg

Christine So

2022-05-01 Emily Keyishian 0780a border.jpg

Emily Keyishian

2022-05-14 Nimah Gobir 143b border1.jpg

Nimah Gobir

2022-05-28 Marissa Rheem 263c border1.jpg

Marissa Rheem

2022-06-05 Sawyer Rose 117a1.jpg

Sawyer Rose

2022-06-04 Matt Floriani Mural 124a1.jpg

Matthew Floriani

2022-06-18 Shiu Pei Luu 381a1.jpg

Shiu Pei Luu

2022-06-25 Elizabeth Sher 351a1.jpg

Elizabeth Sher

2022-08-19 Glynnis Fawkes 0960b1.jpg

Glynnis Fawkes

2022-06-26 Sandra Orloff 243a1.jpg

Sandra Wong Orloff

2022-07-03 Nathalie Fabri 048a1.jpg

Nathalie Fabri

2022-07-02 Johanna Poethig 687c1.jpg

Johanna Poethig

2022-08-27 M. Louise Stanley 224a1.jpg

M. Louise Stanley

2022-09-03 Judy Rosenfield 088a1.jpg

Judy Rosenfield

2022-09-11 Victoria Veedell 124a1.jpg

Victoria Veedell

2022-09-17 Jaime Treacy 0163a1.jpg

Jamie Treacy

2022-09-10 Vicki Gunter 273b1.jpg

Vicki Gunter

2022-09-25 Littleton Irby 379b1.jpg

Littleton S. Irby

2022-09-24 Prabin Badhia 0342b1.jpg

Prabin Badhia

2022-10-02 Tali Grinshpan 206a1.jpg

Tali Grinshpan

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