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New Release by The Love Songs

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

The Love Songs have released a new album entitled "The Loneliest Whale". Always dynamic and energetic on stage, this is one of the most fun bands I've had the good fortune to photograph. When the band is clearly having a great time, the mood is infectious and the excitement boils over into the audience. This is what shows by the Love Songs are like.

The music is great and matches their on-stage energy! And, pay attention to those lyrics! It's clear that the writer was having a great time. It's the same playful energy that comes across in the music and on stage with these guys. One of my favorites so far from the song "Literally":

She was smokin,’ really smokin’

Literally, well not “literally”

(but kinda) She was smoking hot

But that smoking cigarette was not But then literally it was, ifyaknowwhatimean?

Genius, I say!

Check them out at:

The Love Songs at 924 Gilman

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