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It's March 2023, and I'm still looking for more artists!


Artists at Work: Project details

2022-07-03 Nathalie Fabri 048a1.jpg
2022-02-12 Diane Goldstein 162a.jpg
2022-05-14 Nimah Gobir 225b border1.jpg
2022-03-18 Pope Valley Anagama 0037b border.jpg

My goal for this project is to capture images of artists in the act of creating. I started this project in January, 2022, and I am continuing to look for artists who will let me photograph them while they work.  If you are interested in participating, please contact me.  In exchange for your time, I will provide you with all of the finished images for you to use as you like.   Below are some details on how this all works.

The photo shoot:

Most of my photo shoots require about two hours, sometimes a little bit more.  This will be at your studio where you do your art.  I will bring lighting equipment to augment any available ambient light.  No specific preparation is required on your part.  I suggest that you plan to work on whatever projects are currently inspiring you. It helps if you have more than one project or activity to work on during the photo shoot, since this provides more variation in the composition of the finished images, but this is not a necessity.

I like to leave 15-20 minutes at the end of the session to allow time for a posed portrait to complement the working photos.

Where and When:

I am based in El Cerrito, California (just north of Berkeley), so I am focused on the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

I am planning most photo shoots on weekends, though weekday evenings are occasionally possible.  Let's see what we can work out!  I am currently scheduling sessions for September and October, 2022.

After the photo shoot:

Finished images will be available within 1-2 weeks after the photo shoot.  For many images, I create both a color version and a black-and-white version.  When the finished images are ready, I will set up a shared photo album on-line, where you can view the photos and download any you like.

2022-01-08 Guillermo 0428b border.jpg
2022-06-18 Shiu Pei Luu 281a1.jpg
2022-02-06 Kiyomi Koide 379b border.jpg
2022-05-01 Emily Keyishian 0825c border.jpg
2022-01-15 Brad Burkhart 302b1.jpg

If you'd like to participate, or if you'd like to learn more, contact me through the form below or send me an email.


Thanks for your message!

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